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Re: packages.debian.org

On 20-Jan-99 James A. Treacy wrote:
> If it was up to me there wouldn't be any two letter package names.
> I'll add two letter words when I recompile.


> It appears that 'make' is in the list of ignored words. I'll recompile a
> new version. There isn't much I can do about the quality results reported
> (or the resulting order) without rewriting part of the program.

Given that from your description swish++ sounds like a general purpose indexer,
which has been set up to index 'natural language' is it the best one for our

If the aim is simply to build an index of package names to web pages, I would
have thought that a different tool would be more appropriate - indeed, with
perl and the HTML parser module, it would be a short script.


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