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Re: Hardware-specific drivers/kernels archive (WAS: Re: FWD: RMS and Debian on his Toshiba)

On Fri, Jan 08, 1999 at 01:55:35PM -0500, Anderson MacKay wrote:
> All the same, should we put together a drivers/kernels archive for
> specific hardware?  I mean, in supplying a distribution, doesn't it make
> sense to provide at least .debs of custom-made kernels.  That way, Joe
> User with a Thinkpad (for instance) doesn't have to track down the
> linux-laptop mailing lists and support pages, plus figure out how to
> compile kernels, just to get proper APM, sound, and pointer support ...

Agree, the idea was exactly that.
Obviously if we find a way to let the default images run on TPs then
it's OK, but otherways I would like to set up a kernel-image-tp (or a
name like that) package, to create an alternative line to default kernel
images, otherways the first upgrade it will put a non-TP-aware kernel
which will no more boot. 

This is what happened to me after the installation. 
I was able to get back and correct it, but this is also my real work.
Joe User would simply throuw away Linux, while other people (like two of
the three Thinkpad600 guys linked from the laptop page) have simply
thrown debian in favour of RH.  too bad.

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