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Re: Overall Unmet dependencies

On Fri, Jan 08, 1999 at 06:30:22PM -0500, Avery Pennarun wrote:
> > > ii  xcompat         3.1.2-4        X11R5 and X11R6 a.out compatibility librarie
> Source is available, it's xfree86.  Building it is only possible if you have
> libc4 devel tools, which virtually no one does anymore.
> Taking it out would be bad, though, because there are still a few persistant
> libc4 apps that people would like to run.
> I have nothing against moving it down to contrib, since quality control will
> obviously suffer.  It probably has security holes, but if you still have a
> setuid libc4-based xterm, xcompat is the least of your problems.

Well, would someone else like to handle this package?  I do not have a bo
box to build it on, and frankly I don't have a whole lot of interesting in
maintaining such a thing.

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