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Re: FWD: RMS and Debian on his Toshiba

Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> >
> > I'm not saying it is a good situation, because it is not.  It is,
> > however, the status quo.
> It certainly is not, it's a disasterous situation, which despirately
> needs changing. At the moment a new user to Linux trying to install
> Debian on his Toshiba laptop is going to have a very unpleasent
> experience that could well turn him off Linux for the forseable
> future.

I agree.
I am at this moment trying to compile a kernet to boot a thinkpad 600
which doesn't boot with new bootdisks.
I had it booting woth an image (hamm) posted on the web, but the upgrade
broke everything.

I think we should start subproject to support these particular laptops 
(providing bott images, instructions and support).

I also think that maintainers of "hot" stuff that can be needed by new 
hardware even in stable should do as we tryed to do when moving from bo 
to hamm, packaging versions compiled on a stable system.


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