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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

On 1999-01-03 22:24, John Goerzen wrote:

[stuff deleted]

> No, that would require significantly more effort.  Kernel 2.2.0 should be
> pretty well drop-in replacement.  At least on my system, I can toggle
> between 2.0.35 and 2.2.0-pre4 without any problem or using any non-.deb
> software.

Driver for /dev/lp* changed significantly between 20.35 and 2.1.125.
Took me quite a while to figure that one out.  2.2.0pre4 seemed to
have killed xdm on my box, still in debugging that one.  Probably
change in socket handling in 2.2.0pre4 compared to 2.1.125.  Other
issues have been reported (like NFS tonight).

2.1/132 (and 2.2.0pre*) seems much faster than 2.1.125 on my laptop,
though :-)

And another thing, number of bug reports filed against slink
vs. potato is not comparable entities (IMHO).

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