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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

At 22:24 -0600 1999-01-03, John Goerzen wrote:
2.2.x still has a few bugs, of course, do be ironed out before release.  I
am not advocating making the next release with 6.1.

*WHAM* glibc *WHAM* 2.1 *WHAM* is *WHAM* not *WHAM* libc *WHAM* 6.1 *WHAM*[1]. As an alpha person, you should know this[2].

[1] Sorry to get out the ClueSledgehammer(tm), but I have mentioned this several times before. glibc 2.1 makes entensive use of ELF symbol versioning to preserve binary compatibility, I am running a glibc 2.1 system as we speak, other than the libc, it is an entirely potato system, though it looks like I will have to recompile ncurses in order to link new programs with it.

[2] alpha uses a soname of 6.1 for glibc 2.0 and later for historical reasons
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