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Suggestion: Skip Slink!


I propose that Debian skip slink, and have a freeze of potato soon.

This comes for several reasons:

1. Slink is already seriously obsolete, since it has been frozen for
   about as long as we are supposed to go between releases.

2. Slink release is some time off, and is complicated by the fact
   that most developers now run potato.

3. Slink freeze has not (yet) been done properly on some archs.

If we go with potato, we can:

1. Include X 3.3.3 (YAY!)

2. Include Linux 2.2.0 (YAY!)  (well, maybe.)

3. Include current versions of other programs  (do I smell Perl5.005?)

And, if we freeze it quickly, it may not be any later than a slink release. 
It appears that a slink release is at least a few months off anyway.

Slink is looking like a big mass of obsolete stuff to me.

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