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Re: dpkg-logger 1.0.5

On Sat, Jan 02, 1999 at 11:35:10PM -0700, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> I also don't like that the caller has to specify the package name explicy,
> it would make much more sense if that was deduced automatically (hax0r
> dpkg?) and would allow common scripts such as update-alternatives to have
> sensible log messages, and considering those scripts generate quite the
> amount of output that sounds important.

Currently there are atleast 2 other utils that I can think of that
take the package name as an argument from within .deb scripts,
suidregister and dpkg-divert. The reason is so the utils can be used
by the user, and his/her changes will show up differently from package

EXAMPLE: If the user just finished an update thru dselect/apt and had a
little weirdness they wanted to track or remember, they could follow up
with something like:

dpkg-logger 'user:root' 'warning' "Something weird happened with \
  package foo, check into it later"

I never really thought of this being used by the other utils like
update-alternatives, but that would probably be a good thing. Right
now I don't think they can until they can take arguments as to what
to do with the output (ie. whether to log it or send it to stdout).
I'm more interested in giving packages a way to log things they want
the user to know, but may not be able to remember. As it stands now we
need to add "Get a notebook and pen" to the install guide for debian.

I'm sure down the line dpkg might be changed so that it passes an
extra argument to the scripts. If it passes 'log_output' then the
scripts explicitly log all output as well as sending it to the screen.
If dpkg sends 'non_interactive' then the package scripts would simply
log output and never ask questions. This is all hypothetical, but as you
can see it can all still be done with dpkg-logger.

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