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Re: dpkg.log


Ship's Log, Lt. Ben Collins, Stardate 311298.1750:
> and installs. Something like this:
> # postinst for foo
> echo foo: `date` >> /var/log/dpkg.log
> echo foo: Edit default settings in /etc/foo.conf >> /var/log/dpkg.log
> # end postinst for foo
> This also wouldn't require dpkg to be modified, just a policy change.

A big problem wit hdeb. imho (but not only mine) is that you have to stay next
to your computer and watch it installing 1500 Packages.

[Murphies Law: The time a computer works automatic you watch it doing so]

There are many questions hints and other stuff, which at least I cannot
remember afterwards anyway.

Would it be possible to change things so that you can say: 'do this, do that',
then go away and when you come back .. there it is : a debian system?
Afterwards when you have a cup of tea and some time, read the loog, see what
changed, and so on?

At installtime I do not now for example if a maintainer version of a script
or a .conf is better r not, I have to diff it l8r anyway. Why not just take
'N' as the default unless something realy changed (like in bind reacently)?

I like it that debian asks a lot. but it'll be sometimes a bit out of place.

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