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Re: Debian violates GPL?

John Goerzen writes:
> First, look at the PR nightmare.  I can just see it now... "Elitist
> Debian people deny access to sources without setting up an account
> first."

Where did you get that?  I merely suggested an email address to write to to
get *old* sources that someone is having trouble finding.  No "setting up
account" and no change in handling of current sources.

> Who wants to manage this flood of e-mail?

"Can't find what you are looking for? Email sources@debian.org." would be
the last item on the "source availability" page.  I doubt it would get much

> What about those that can't use CVS for whatever reason to download
> files?

I don't recall mentioning CVS.  You are mixing my suggestion with others.
"Sources" would be a last resort for "archeologists".  He would email them
what they need, send them a url, put the stuff up for ftp, apologize and
swear to never let it happen again, etc.
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