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Re: Adding users from a list or database?

Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> >> "SP" == Steve Phillips <sjp@siliconlogic.com> writes:
> SP> I would like to be able to add users from a list, to avoid the
> SP> interactive nature of adduser.  Is there a tool that does
> SP> something like this?  A couple of years ago I modified adduser to
> Well, I would write a small perlscript, that reads the flat DB and
> calls adduser. You can set everything but the password as options.
> Call it with --disabled-password, then set the password with the
> chpasswd program.

Exactly what I was going to do except I didn't know about the chpasswd
command.  I was going to use perl to hack the /etc/shadow file directly,
but chpasswd will make this very easy to do!  Thanks for pointing it

When I did this a few years ago adduser didn't have alot of the features
it has now.


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