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Re: Debian violates GPL?

I don't like that, not one bit.

First, look at the PR nightmare.  I can just see it now... "Elitist Debian
people deny access to sources without setting up an account first."

Why should we restrict access to people like that?  Who wants to manage this
flood of e-mail?  What about those that can't use CVS for whatever reason to
download files?  (People behind firewalls or proxies, for instance.)   Why
should we require e-mail first, if we're just going to allow access to
anyone that e-mails anyway?  If we're not going to allow that access, what
right to we have to exclude people?

I think this is a TERRIBLE idea.  What's so bad about keeping an orig.tar.gz
around as long as there are packages in the archive that require it?  It
really shouldn't be that many packages anyway!


On Sat, Dec 19, 1998 at 04:17:53PM -0600, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> John Goerzen writes:
> > How can we satisfy that clause without making it available for anonymous
> > access?
> I don't see that the clause requires anonymous access.  Put a blurb on the
> Web page saying "If you are looking for old sources and can't find them in
> the archive email sources@debian.org".
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