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Re: Kernel 2.0.36

Andrew Martin Adrian Cater <amacater@galactic.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> There are various things in 2.0.36 that aren't in 2.0.35 especially
> drivers for hardware.  This plus the security implications has
> convinced me.

I have upgraded my machine yesterday to 2.0.36 because of the new
isdn-drivers and the security fixes. I had no problem with this kernel
yet and the compilation as root and as user was no problem. 
> I've been running 2.0.36 here with no problems since its release -
> I _DON'T run ISDN here so can express no valid opinion.

Im using ISDN here and I hadn't any problem. I used the new isdn4linux
and after a little change in my isdn-scripts everything worked fine
again. So I don't think, that 2.0.36 will make big problems, because my
problems here were easy to solve.


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