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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for December 19, 1998

On Sat, Dec 19, 1998 at 12:15:08AM -0600, BugScan reporter wrote:
> Bug stamp-out list for Dec 19 00:03 (CST)
> Total number of release-critical bugs: 69

  Why are these packages release critical?? I thought only main is release
  crital and non-free, contrib, non-US etc. are not, since they're not
  officially part of Debian.

  Package: acroread (non-free)
  Package: cmucl-defsystem (non-free)
  Package: icq-java (contrib)
  Package: jdk1.1 (non-free)
  Package: netscape-base-407 (non-free)
  Package: qt1g (non-free)
  Package: qt1g-dev (non-free)
  Package: ssh (non-US)



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