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Re: Linux IP POSTER software!

Thank you very much for your comments. It is my first attempt at releasing
anything that I wrote. I agree that for most programers the script is
probably trivial. It was written out of need. Would you guys release it on
CD if it was freeware? I really just want to increase traffic here more
than anything.

Thyanks again for your input.



On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 09:38:00AM -0500, Arthur Jovellas wrote:
> > Hello Debian,
> > 
> >     Ace Sales has just completed the development of an IP POSTER program
> > for Linux/Unix written in bash. We are interested in getting it
> > distributed via Linux CD releases and links on distribution websites.
> Well...
> I took a look at your script. Unfortunatly it suffers licence problems 
> which preclude it from becomming a part of offical debian 
> (Debian is devote to free software) tho - it could go in our
> non-free section, if someone wants to package it. (more below)
> > The script will keep your DYNAMIC IP available 24 hours a day by posting
> > it frequently to your web pages hosted at your ISP. Distributors please
> > send any requirements, suggestions or information to me at the below
> > E-Mail link.
> Yes that is what it apears to do
> > If you would like to check out the script it is in our DOWNLOADS section
> > on http://www.acesales.com
> > 
> > Our new Online Auction site we just put online is exclusively powered by
> Well that is nice....buit...
> In my few years running Linux...this is the FIRST piece of Linux SHAREWARE
> I have seen. I am sure there must be others but...I havn't seen them.
> I wish you luck with trying to distribute shareware for linux, but
> IMHO it wont work to well.
> The main problem is that $20 is a bit much for IPPOST anyway...esp when 
> a large precentage of Linux users could write an equivalent script in about
> 15 minites (thast with the time screwing with sed to get it right)
> and many of them would release it for free if they did have a need
> to write such a thing.
> -Steve
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