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Re: Linux 2.0.36 in slink?

Stephen Crowley wrote:

<<large chunk snipped..>>

> > Software release is time-critical.  No matter how hard you beat the
> > quality drum, the distribution that can ship often will show the best.
> > RedHat has shipped several buggy distributions in the 5.x series.  I
> > just tried to install 5.2 and found a nest of problems.  Unpleasant as
> > it is, users can only choose a distribution that ships.  Hamm is out
> > of the running and the competition is fierce.  They shiped with bugs
> > that requires 30MB of updates.  But they shipped...and people use it.
> Are you suggesting we ship a buggy distribution? I agree timely releases are imporant but sacrificing
> security for a release date is not a good idea.

To me the advanatage that debian has over others is that it has
the concept of two releases, stable and unstable.

If someone wants a well tested, stable and secure distribution
then they can use the stable release.  If someone else requires
more bleeding edge stuff then they can use the unstable set of

It should be encouraged that new upstream additions get put in
to a stable release as soon as possible, but should not
sacrifice the good work and name of the stable Debian

Is this one of the main ideas behind debian??  and most of the
rest of the Linux community from what I have seen over the
John Stevenson, Objective Alliance: www.oa.nl
"Its grip'd, its sorted.."

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