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Re: Linux IP POSTER software!

On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 09:38:00AM -0500, Arthur Jovellas wrote:
> Hello Debian,
>     Ace Sales has just completed the development of an IP POSTER program
> for Linux/Unix written in bash. We are interested in getting it
> distributed via Linux CD releases and links on distribution websites.

I took a look at your script. Unfortunatly it suffers licence problems 
which preclude it from becomming a part of offical debian 
(Debian is devote to free software) tho - it could go in our
non-free section, if someone wants to package it. (more below)

> The script will keep your DYNAMIC IP available 24 hours a day by posting
> it frequently to your web pages hosted at your ISP. Distributors please
> send any requirements, suggestions or information to me at the below
> E-Mail link.

Yes that is what it apears to do

> If you would like to check out the script it is in our DOWNLOADS section
> on http://www.acesales.com
> Our new Online Auction site we just put online is exclusively powered by

Well that is nice....buit...

In my few years running Linux...this is the FIRST piece of Linux SHAREWARE
I have seen. I am sure there must be others but...I havn't seen them.

I wish you luck with trying to distribute shareware for linux, but
IMHO it wont work to well.

The main problem is that $20 is a bit much for IPPOST anyway...esp when 
a large precentage of Linux users could write an equivalent script in about
15 minites (thast with the time screwing with sed to get it right)
and many of them would release it for free if they did have a need
to write such a thing.

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