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Re: Proposed recompilation to remove dependency on libc6 2.0.7u

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Since I lost two disks I had to re-install one of my machines.  I
> installed hamm, then upgraded to slink using dpkg-multiftp.
> I had to call [I]nstall twice (maybe thrice, I made some mistake)
> to get everything installed.  The packages containing a pre-dependency
> on libc were only installled by the second run.
> This is acceptable.  I don't see a reason for re-compiling packages
> to get rid of a versioned libc dependency.

Acceptable or not, if you're using apt, you only have to [I]nstall once in
this situation. Since we will be urging everyone to convert over to apt
anyway for 2.1, I don't see the problem.

see shy jo

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