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Re: apt in base system?

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Vincent Murphy wrote:
> >  Can anyone confirm whether apt will be included in the base system in
> > future?
> Ummm no.  It's not needed for the base system.  It may be included
> in further versions of base systems.

What?! That's crazy, apt needs to be in the base system. That's one of
the main things people are looking for in 2.1, besides it beats the crap
out of any other net-related installation method.

> >  I want to be able to install Debian in college using just a bunch of
> > floppies to get the base system on, and then use apt to get the rest
> > through a http proxy.
> You can always create your own base system.
> Untar the base system into a directory:
> tar xvpfz base2_0.tgz
> dpkg --root=/where/your/files/are -i apt*.deb
> Tar it again.  If you need to split it, pick the floppy_split program
> from the boot-floppies source archive.

You really expect most people to do this?

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