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Re: Linux IP POSTER software!

Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:
> The main problem is that $20 is a bit much for IPPOST anyway...esp when 
> a large precentage of Linux users could write an equivalent script in about
> 15 minites (thast with the time screwing with sed to get it right)
> and many of them would release it for free if they did have a need
> to write such a thing.

Indeed, I wrote such a program for myself, but also made it use
htmlscript on the server side (my web-host won't allow cgi) so that
I could publish a dynamic ip without needing the ftp password for
the site.

This allows it to be used by others who may not have a web site.
So, if Debian users are interested, email me and I'll be glad
to set you up with a username/password to do this.


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