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Re: more __register_frame_info problems [Was: Re: fwd: Debian sparc32 on Ultra status report (also status of debian-sparc)]

"Marcelo E. Magallon" wrote:
> Ok. Let me get this... RH is compiling their libc with a broken compiler
> (yes, it's broken!) that makes a symbol (__register_frame_info) that's not
> intended to be there be there? And Netscape uses RH to compile its stuff?

Which platform of Netscape Communicator / Navigator are you talking

x86 libc5 - Caldera OpenLinux 1.1
x86 glibc2 - RH 5.X (probably 5.1)
SparcLinux - RH 5.1

> Can we *please* get in touch with s/o at Netscape *and* RH to get 
> this fixed asap?

I am not a code hacker.  If you send me an email detailing what exactly
you need from Netscape, I would be happy to forward it to the X heads
around here.

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