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Re: more __register_frame_info problems [Was: Re: fwd: Debian sparc32 on Ultra status report (also status of debian-sparc)]

On Tue, Dec 15, 1998 at 01:47:46PM -0600, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:

> First of all... with BIG friendly letters... DON'T PANIC!

As I said, don't panic.

> On Mon, Dec 14, 1998 at 07:37:06PM -0500, Steve Dunham wrote:
> > BTW, Ultrapenguin now has a broken libc - they added the
> > register_frame_info bug for Red Hat compatibility - also the
> > sparc-linux Netscape doesn't run on Debian, probably a libstdc++/glibc
> > problem - the sparc-sunos one does work.  (Maybe if I pull the
> > libraries from RedHat 5.2 and use a LD_LIBRARY_PATH.)

I misread that bit.

UltraPenguin has this. RH 5.2 (Intel) doesn't (just checked). It's still a
problem, but now I'm confused... didn't debian/sparc use egcs as the primary
compiler, just like the Alpha?


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