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Corel WordPerfect shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8

>From http://linux.corel.com/faq.htm:

Will Corel WordPerfect 8 be using any software packaging mechanisms
such as RPM, DEB, and TGZ?

                       Corel will ship a shrink-wrapped version of
                       Corel WordPerfect8 for Linux that will use its
                       own installation program. However, we are also
                       bundling our product with several of the major
                       Linux distributor's CDs, and for these Linux
                       distributions we will use the packaging format
                       that is employed by the Operating System
                       installation program. Therefore, a new Debian
                       distribution install CD would contain a .DEB
                       package for Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux; the
                       same will apply to RedHat Linux (.RPM) and

Hmm, they're shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8 and including it in
.debs? Cool! :)


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