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more __register_frame_info problems [Was: Re: fwd: Debian sparc32 on Ultra status report (also status of debian-sparc)]

[ This is crossposted to -sparc and -ultralinux ; trim as needed ]

First of all... with BIG friendly letters... DON'T PANIC!

On Mon, Dec 14, 1998 at 07:37:06PM -0500, Steve Dunham wrote:

> BTW, Ultrapenguin now has a broken libc - they added the
> register_frame_info bug for Red Hat compatibility - also the
> sparc-linux Netscape doesn't run on Debian, probably a libstdc++/glibc
> problem - the sparc-sunos one does work.  (Maybe if I pull the
> libraries from RedHat 5.2 and use a LD_LIBRARY_PATH.)

Uh oh... I've got to hide... fast!

Ok. Let me get this... RH is compiling their libc with a broken compiler
(yes, it's broken!) that makes a symbol (__register_frame_info) that's not
intended to be there be there? And Netscape uses RH to compile its stuff?

Sparc ppl, do you have any reference as to why did Ultralinux do this? Is
RH-i386 5.2 doing this too? Are they using egcs to compile the distribution

Can we *please* get in touch with s/o at Netscape *and* RH to get this fixed

Nice meeting you guys, I'm dead.


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