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Re: Proposal: Package status page.

>> "JS" == Jakob Sandgren <jakob@idefix.campus.luth.se> writes:

JS> On Sat, Dec 12, 1998 at 10:34:07PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
>> Jakob Sandgren wrote:

>> > 1. A program scans (freshmeat?) for a new upstream release, when a new
>> >    release is availiable, a message is sent to the maintainer.
>> Freshmeat is only one source of information wrt this issue.  I like this
>> idea.  In fact, I'm already using such a mechanim[1] in order to provide
>> the GtkBuffet[2].

JS> I guess there are alternatives to Freshmeat that are better, searching
JS> the LSM, using filewatcher.org....etc. The best way to do it is
JS> offcourse to use a program that scans the primary site for new
JS> packages. I think the problem with such a solution is that it is hard
JS> to do in a reliable automatic way. 

Hmm, I am somewhat confused. For my packages there is either a
mailinglist run by the upstream author, or he informs me about a new
release in private mail. It is nice to have a good relationship with
the authors :-)

Ok, for many programms/libs this is more difficult (if a programm has
a group of authors or such). But I still think one can have such a
relation with one of the key authors. They have interest in a recent
version of their software to be available.

I nevertheless have an eye on freshmeat for other reasons.


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