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Re: Corel WordPerfect shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8

Ben Gertzfield <ben@cse.ucsc.edu> writes:

> >From http://linux.corel.com/faq.htm:
> Will Corel WordPerfect 8 be using any software packaging mechanisms
> such as RPM, DEB, and TGZ?
>                        Corel will ship a shrink-wrapped version of
>                        Corel WordPerfect8 for Linux that will use its
>                        own installation program. However, we are also
>                        bundling our product with several of the major
>                        Linux distributor's CDs, and for these Linux
>                        distributions we will use the packaging format
>                        that is employed by the Operating System
>                        installation program. Therefore, a new Debian
>                        distribution install CD would contain a .DEB
>                        package for Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux; the
>                        same will apply to RedHat Linux (.RPM) and
>                        others.
> Hmm, they're shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8 and including it in
> .debs? Cool! :)

They've contacted me to ask if I'd like to do the .debs.  They know me
from the ARM/NetWinder port.  I've been non-commital so far, but I
assured them that I'm sure that somebody in Debian will probably
volunteer to do the packaging if the licensing is free enough.

I signed a little NDA, but I think I can blab about this, since they
put it on the website, and this is our -devel list after all.  I
should be getting access to an early release of it before the final
release.  I don't really know anything beyond that.

I'll cc: this to wnpp@debian.org to claim WordPerfect for the moment.
If the package (when it turns up) looks like it is going to be too
much work, I might put it up for adoption - because I'm going to be
pretty busy getting Gnome 1.0, dwww2, and the Debian ARM port going.


 - Jim

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