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Re: debian list summaries

On 14.12.1998., at 12:02, Martin Schulze wrote: 

>Rainer Dorsch wrote:
>> I am wondering, if there is somewhere a comprehensive Debian lists
>> summary report. Something like the Debian section of http://lwn.net
>> but more comprehensive. I am sure there are many people, who would
>> like to read news about their distribution, but have not the time or
>> bandwidth ro read the 20+ follow-up article threads in debian-devel or
>> debian-whatsoever.
>I don't know about lwn but we have debian-announce and debian-news
>which cover news about debian.  There is also debian-devel-announce
>but I can't say what it is/was used for and when it was last used.
>If you want to receive more information, could you summarize the issues
>you would like to be informed?  Maybe something could be arranged.

Maybe we could arrange that somebody occassionally (every week
or so) posts to debian-devel-announce some important messages
or collections of messages (in one) that describe current talks on
debian-devel. For example, some collected information (quotes)
from current discussion about project leader candidates. Or a
tip about someone uploading packages for stable distribution.
Or a revision of the stable distribution, etc, etc...

Of course, all that with a disclaimer like this:

"Please do NOT reply to this message on this mailing list,
rather on debian-devel or to the mentioned posters.
If you think you misunderstood something, wish to find
out more on this/these topic/s, or include yourself in the
discussion, PLEASE subscribe to debian-devel, or read the
lists archives at this URL: here-is-the-url ).
All the neccessary information about (un)subscribing and
posting to mentioned mailing lists can be found at this URL:
here-is-the-url ."

That way, those maintainers (and other people too) who
don't have time/money/will/sth to read debian-devel (and
there sure are many of them) can at least be informed about
what is happening. And with the disclaimer we'll surely avoid
overwhelming that list and ensure nobody spreads FUD
because he thinks that those few lines were all there was said
about the subject. Well, maybe not, but still the FUDer would
look *really* lame and wouldn't be taken seriously by anyone.

There are a few questions: is debian-devel-announce meant to
be *only* for important announcements for developers, is it
on purpose very very low volume, is it 'world-writable'
(anyone may post), and can the Followup-To: header
be used to redirect possible replies to poster, or -devel
(I know this is effective when used on usenet)?

And yes, I volunteer.

enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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