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Re: debian list summaries

Josip Rodin wrote:
> On 14.12.1998., at 12:02, Martin Schulze wrote: 
> >Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> >> I am wondering, if there is somewhere a comprehensive Debian lists
> >> summary report. Something like the Debian section of http://lwn.net
> >> but more comprehensive. I am sure there are many people, who would
> >> like to read news about their distribution, but have not the time or
> >> bandwidth ro read the 20+ follow-up article threads in debian-devel or
> >> debian-whatsoever.
> >
> >I don't know about lwn but we have debian-announce and debian-news
> >which cover news about debian.  There is also debian-devel-announce
> >but I can't say what it is/was used for and when it was last used.
> >
> >If you want to receive more information, could you summarize the issues
> >you would like to be informed?  Maybe something could be arranged.
> Maybe we could arrange that somebody occassionally (every week
> or so) posts to debian-devel-announce some important messages
> or collections of messages (in one) that describe current talks on
> debian-devel. For example, some collected information (quotes)
> from current discussion about project leader candidates. Or a
> tip about someone uploading packages for stable distribution.
> Or a revision of the stable distribution, etc, etc...

Now I understand what you want to achieve.  However I wonder how
useful this would be compared with the efford people have to
spend on it.  But if you are volunteering I won't try to stop

>From the current description of debian-devel-announce this list
cannot be used for this.  If you really plan to read >100 mails
per week and summarize them and post that summary we would need

> There are a few questions: is debian-devel-announce meant to
> be *only* for important announcements for developers, is it

According to the description yes.

> on purpose very very low volume, is it 'world-writable'
> (anyone may post), and can the Followup-To: header
> be used to redirect possible replies to poster, or -devel

(and some more headers)

I don't feel you should try to abuse that list.



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