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intent to package [mp3]encoder

  After a brief hunt for an mp3 encoder for my alpha, I discovered
this piece of software. It is an optimized version of the IIS
reference mpeg layer 3 encoder, with the optimization work done
principally by Andreas Johansson. It's available from

  There's a number of issues with this. Firstly, the Fraunhoffer
patent. The author is in Sweden, and has not been contacted by
Fraunhoffer; apparently Swedish laws do not allow patenting of the
algorithm. Can we distribute it?

  Secondly, the package is named 'encoder', and produces a single
binary named 'encode'. Does this count as namespace pollution?

  And last, there's no copyright notice in the package. I am in touch
with the author, and don't believe that there will be any particular
issue with correcting this; my question is do we require a copyright
notice to appear in the source distribution (necessitating a new
release), or is it adequate to include, eg, an email granting us
permission to redistribute and modify freely?

  Thanks for your time.


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