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Re: intent to package [mp3]encoder

Mikolaj J. Habryn writes:
> There's a number of issues with this. Firstly, the Fraunhoffer
> patent. The author is in Sweden, and has not been contacted by
> Fraunhoffer; apparently Swedish laws do not allow patenting of the
> algorithm. Can we distribute it?

>From Sweden, if that country is truly patent-free.  You should attempt to
verify this.

> ...do we require a copyright notice to appear in the source distribution
> (necessitating a new release), or is it adequate to include, eg, an email
> granting us permission to redistribute and modify freely?

I think a letter would be ok as long as it is clear and definite, contains
an actual license statement, and is verifiably from the author of the

Questions of this sort should be posted to debian-legal.
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