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Re: Nomination question: Redhat

Previously Adrian Bridgett wrote:
> So - what do the nominees think about Redhat? 

They are our colleagues. Their goals are different then ours: RH is
a commercial company so their primary goals is making money. But they
also show loyalty to FS-principles: they stopped distributing CDE,
all software they produce is FS and they invest money in FS-projects
like GNOME.

> How can we work better with them?

Of course. We are already working together in the LSB, which will make sure
that all Linux software should on all participating Linux distributions.
There are other areas in which we might work together, but we will always
have to be very carefull not to loose sight of our high technical standards.
(please do not take this wrong: I'm not saying that RH is a technologically
a bad product).

> How to grow market numbers like Redhat has?

We do not have the money to do lots of marketing like RH does, so we have a
drawback. We do have a distribution that is technically superior and a very
good reputation though, which attracts a lot of new users. Our social
contract and the DFSG are a factor in that. Another thing that will help us
making Debian easier available to a larger public.  This means two things:
making installation still easier, and trying to increase our shelf precense.
Currently there is only one Debian book (written by Dale Scheetz) out there,
but it looks like that may change in the next year. 


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