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Re: New section in potato?

On Sat, Dec 12, 1998 at 04:58:35PM -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 13, 1998 at 12:04:05AM +0100, Kristoffer.Rose@ENS-Lyon.FR wrote:
> > Joseph Carter writes:
> > 
> > > "Desktop" with KDE and Gnome would be HUGE.  No, Gnome section now, KDE
> > > section later when we have KDE.  Gnome and KDE are BOTH big enough for
> > > their own sections, Gnome is as big as tex and KDE is bigger.
> > 
> > Please: this is wrong!  The sections are *not* there for our convenience
> > but for the USERS to find what they WANT, based on CATEGORIES of software.
> Gnome is a category unto itself really.  Gnome applications are hardly
> standalone, same with KDE.

If some one wants to see all the GUI based cvs apps available they go to
devel. What about a gnome-cvs program (is there one?), they would still
look in devel, but to find it they have to go to gnome/. Are you
suggesting they must go look in two places everytime they want to look for
something (3 if KDE is there too)?

When some one looks under devel or utils, they expect to see just that
_everything_ that has to do with those categories.

Just because they use the libs doesn't require they be put together. The
reason tex has it's own section is because it is tex and nothing else. It
doesn't do admin, it doesn't setup the network, it's tex and everything to
do with tex.

Besides, I've seen all the programs on sunsite's incoming that have to do
with KDE, you would have to further break it down to kde/utils/ kde/devel/
which would be really pointless.

This would be something better suited for the package managers. dselect or
apt being able to filter the package listing to just kde or just gnome
based packages, not for physical directory structures.

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