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Re: Beer and such, was: Re: Nomination

john@dhh.gt.org schrieb:
> Martin writes:
> > I have yet to see a good American beer.
> No doubt because you have been offered only Budweiser or one of its many
> clones.  Many Americans labor under the delusion that Budweiser is beer.
> And don't ever let anyone feed you any of the flavored stuff that's
> fashionable at the moment, even if it did come from a "microbrewery".

Last summer there was Michael Jackson in our Institute (yes, the famous
one, probably THE espert in beer and malt whisky!! :-) and he held a
2-hour-speech about beer and malt whisky. According to him there are
some very good small private brewerys in america and they become more
and more. America is No. 1 if you count the brewery/country at the

Sorry, enough OT now...


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