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Re: Nomination

*-David Welton <davidw@master.debian.org>
| If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?  Why? ;-)

Neither pine nor elm... I think it would have to be a gnus or a mutt :-)

| I think we need a debian-humor (no U:-) or debian-stress-relief for

I'm sorry, but you seem to have a major misspelling there. It
seems to be spreading too... It is such a pain having to write
#define Colour Color in every source file that uses Xlib, Qt, GTK+, ...

It's so wonderful that my coauthor for the GNU C ref. manual
writes the Right English (tm) even though he is from the USA.

I'd love to see more shakespearian language on -devel. It's
so colourful.

Just for the record: ;->
...Unix, MS-DOS, and MS Windows (also known as the Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly).                                       (Matt Welsh)
olet@ifi.uio.no   [-: .elOle. :-]   olet@debian.org

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