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Re: Bug-squash day (was: Re: Amusing bugreport)

Previously Oscar Levi wrote:
> Dumb question: is there such a list already?

But of course! Check it out at http://master.debian.org/~wakkerma/report.html

> I thought that one of the crucial missing pieces is a working cdimage
> generator.  Perhaps I'm behind in the progress reports.

Bugreports are about packages with bugs, not about missing packages
in the distribution. But there is cdrecord and cdrdao to write
CD's, cdparanoia and cdda2wav to read audio CD's, standard dd to read
CD's and of course xcdroast which is a graphical front-end for some
of those programs. Enjoy!

> If I knew how to browse the bug list, I'm willing to tackle some.
> I've been working on Alpha bugs, but I don't think these are release
> critical. 

AFAIK there are no alpha specific release-critical bugs.


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