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Re: Bug-squash day (was: Re: Amusing bugreport)

On Sun, Dec 06, 1998 at 05:15:52AM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Bugreports are about packages with bugs, not about missing packages
> in the distribution. But there is cdrecord and cdrdao to write
> CD's, cdparanoia and cdda2wav to read audio CD's, standard dd to read
> CD's and of course xcdroast which is a graphical front-end for some
> of those programs. Enjoy!

I'm talking about the image mastering program.  I had an exchange with
the folks doing that work a week or two ago.  They were working on it
and had loads of things to do.  The existing scripts have hard-coded
dependencies for hamm.

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