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Re: Amusing bugreport

Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> Problem is: We need some help to decide how to handle some things. I am new to
> debian development and so I am not sure which bugs to close :) Of course this
> is not really interesting since I am not the maintainer of ppp.

If you have open questions, ask the maintainers you know via IRC,
several of them are online on different networks.  Additionally
you can always query the lists.

> My idea to get some bugs fixed: What about creating a new channel on
> irc.debian.org dedicated to fixing bugs. I guess if we can discuss the bugs in
> realtime we can fix them a lot faster than by email-discussion.

Just do it.  (Of course, you need to know with whom to meet)

Btw. I was very impressed about you three on the channel discussin
 and working on PPP.  Please continue.



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