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Re: Elections

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 04:44:09PM -0800, Darren Benham wrote:
> Maybe "shy" was not the right term but there are a number of people who
> won't run for Project Leader unless "we want them to." Good people who
> just might be qualified (depending on your point of view).

Indeed, a few have suggested I might make a good project leader.  I'm sure
someone out there disagrees with that for sure (hi james) and others either
don't really know me or really think I can handle it.  And perhaps I've just
stepped on some toes in addition.

If people really think they'd like me to run, I'll consider it, but I think
probably I'm not well-known enough for the job.  But who knows, maybe more
than a couple of you think I'd be good at it.  If not, perhaps next time.

To those who might be considering asking me to run, please ask yourself if
you really think I could do it.  Yeah I know I just did the impossible with
the Qt license thing and we are all very happy with the results, but that's
just one little license I wrote, and then actually I just rewrote about half
of the license they started with.  And even then I had the thoughts and
opinions of about half a dozen other people and suggestions from many of
them to make it better.  When it comes right down to it, I'm a maintainer of
only 5 packages and some of them have had some really lame bugs in them.  I
learn fast but I haven't had the kind of experience someone like Manoj has,
though I'm just as known for my typos.  =>

However I like to think I'm mostly reasonable and that I do at least listen
to people who don't agree with me, even if I have no intention of moving an
inch from my principles.  An example being the DFSG2, I am strongly opposed
to the idea of grandfathering packages or licenses or time limits on when
certain licenses won't be free anymore if used in new packages or releases. 
I also believe that Debian is the best Linux distribution there is bar none
and that it can be even better if we are willing to make ourselves a little
more visible.  And I believe Debian has major advantages over other dists,
even advantages the new user would appreciate when they become not so new or
when the pretty tools other dists provide don't work.  And I want Debian to
be the best it can be.

Sure I'm wrong sometimes.  But I think I'm probably right more often than
wrong and based on the opinions of a few others I think I could handle the
job if others agree.  So I'll leave it to you, the developers and users.  I
haven't seen anyone else step up and definately say they're in the running
yet, though iwj has said he'll consider it if people really want him to run

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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