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Re: compressed doc files and apache

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 11:33:28AM -0600, Douglas Bates wrote:
> Are you sure this would be considered a bug?  I think Debian policy

I am and Martin Schulze is :)

> states that .ps and .dvi files in the /usr/doc tree should be
> compressed.  I think the best solution is to have the http server

No problem with that. From policy.text.gz:

3.3.5. Symbolic links


     A symbolic link pointing to a compressed file should always have the
     same file extension as the referenced file. (For example, if a file
     ``foo.gz'' is referenced by a symbolic link, the filename of the link
     has to end with ``.gz'' too, as in `bar.gz.')

> recognize that a link to .../foo.ps can be satisfied by .../foo.ps.gz
> if it is uncompressed before transmission.  I'll admit this doesn't
> help people who start at a URL of file:/usr/doc/texmf/ but I don't see
> a way of solving that problem without storing uncompressed files or
> determining exotic configurations for every browser you plan to use.


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