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Re: Elections

Darren Benham writes ("Elections"):
> The term of Project Leader is up at the end of this month but the election
> process takes nine (9) weeks... this means we would have had to start this
> around the end of October...
> The start of the process is to take nominations for the position.  Canidates
> nominate themselves.  We take nominations for three weeks.  If nobody objects,
> we'll start the process now on December 2, 1998 and close nominations on
> December 23, 1998.

Can I suggest that people mail privately those they'd like to see
stand, until the person posts a statement saying they will or won't ?

That will enable people to put themselves forward without feeling they
might not have the support for it.

I don't intend to stand unless there is significant demand for it
(email me) or I don't hear about another candidate I could give my
support to by the end of the nomination period.


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