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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software

> > I do *not* say that the things I listed are true, fair, or of real
> > relevance.
jim@laney.edu wrote:

> Could be, you should have STATED that to begin with. It's possible that by
> not doing so, your credibility has taken two steps back.

He _did_ state that to my satisfaction:

   The new version of the DFSG, as proposed by Ian Jackson, would have
   disastrous consequences on the public image of Debian, and would lead to
   a split of the free software movement, if not Debian itself.  I'll take
   the time and sketch how this step would be received/seen by the public.

When I read his post, I understood it to mean that he didn't adhere to
these opinions, but that they could easily become public opinion of Debian.


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