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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998 jim@laney.edu wrote:

> In the message sent "Wed, 02 Dec 1998 17:49:56 +0100." and referred to by
> the (hopefully) unique ID <36656FB4.31B5D5AE@g26.ethz.ch>, Avus said:
> > Don't misunderstand the first part of my mail.
> For what reason? (see next response)
> > I do *not* say that the things I listed are true, fair, or of real
> > relevance.
> Could be, you should have STATED that to begin with. It's possible that by
> not doing so, your credibility has taken two steps back.

He did state in his mail that the points he made were "how this would be
taken", he didn't (IMHO) imply that the opinions were necessarily true or
his.  I think you need to reread the beginning of his message again, it
was clear to me.

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