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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software

In the message sent "Wed, 02 Dec 1998 17:49:56 +0100." and referred to by
the (hopefully) unique ID <36656FB4.31B5D5AE@g26.ethz.ch>, Avus said:

> Don't misunderstand the first part of my mail.

For what reason? (see next response)

> I do *not* say that the things I listed are true, fair, or of real
> relevance.

Could be, you should have STATED that to begin with. It's possible that by
not doing so, your credibility has taken two steps back.

> (cut)
> I *didn't* intend to attack Ian personally, but I just tried to outline
> what would/could happen. ESR surely didn't have bad intentions when he
> announced the OSI, but because of the circumstances and bad timing, this
> move was very ill received.

The purpose of replying to messages is presumably to state YOUR opinion. It's
probably a good thing (for your sake) that you say this (if one transaction
late), maybe your credibility has taken one step forward for a possible total
of one step back (see above). If something is not your opinion and you're
trying to let us know what the wave of mass opinion is (or part of it), please
say so -first-. I'm no lowyer, but doing so might keep you out of logeal
problems (sinc, on purpose).


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