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Re: glibc 2.0.7u-7 is in Incoming

On Wed, Dec 02, 1998 at 14:47:18 -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> The dpkg dependencies are fixed.

Syntactically perhaps; semantically they're not correct yet.

> This release should now upgrade smoothly for all systems that are free of
> the "interumn" packages.

libc6 should have a Conflicts: for the versions of libstdc++2.8,
libstdc++2.9 and libguile1.3 that contained an undefined reference to
__register_frame_info . If it has that, it doesn't need to conflict with the
various dpkg versions. (As I reported earlier, at least dpkg works
fine when loaded against fixed libraries).

Tevens ben ik van mening dat Nederland overdekt dient te worden.

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