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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software

Don't misunderstand the first part of my mail.
I do *not* say that the things I listed are true, fair, or of real
But they're most certainly the things that will come up in the public
discussions if the current draft is accepted.

The public image is IMHO very important, and it should be considered
wisely, when and how you make announcements of this kind. One reason KDE
had a bad image is that they were very unfortunate in their
announcements (i.e. they made no announcement at all when they should,
e.g. after the Debian letter).
If you come up with this issue now, it "is [seen] and will be seen" as a
'hostile' move against Troll Tech. There may be good reasons for a
tougher DFSG for some Debian developers, but they're surely not so
compelling that they need to be resolved in a hurry.

I *didn't* intend to attack Ian personally, but I just tried to outline
what would/could happen. ESR surely didn't have bad intentions when he
announced the OSI, but because of the circumstances and bad timing, this
move was very ill received.

> To speak to your statements below:
> I don't think that this has anything to do with Qt or KDE. While it may be
> true that there are some true "KDE/QT Haters" in the group, they neither
> represent Debian, or even a majority of developers.
"Majority" was hypothetical in my letter. But with the DFSG2 being
announced, it would be seen as real.

Please consider the first part as FYI.
I would, however, be interested in replies concerning the second part,
the patch clause discussion.


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