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Re: Proposal: New mailing list debian-laptops

Matthias Klose wrote:
> The installation and configuration of Debian on (some) notebooks is
> more complicated than on desktops. 
> - the bzImage kernels dont work on some notebooks.
> - the configuration of automatic power management is not so easy
> - other distributions install easier than Debian.
> I propose to create a new mailing list
> - to serve as a discusion forum how to improve Debian for notebooks
> - to serve as a user forum how to install and configure Debian on
>   Notebooks.
> Note sure to which section (user or developer) such a list belongs,
> but two lists seem to be overkill.

What's the status of this request?

I don't feel good by creating new lists for every little sub project.

I wonder if this issue wouldn't be better discussed on debian-boot
and debian-devel and debian-user instead?



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