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Libc6-doc Whats's up...

The current libc6-doc has a bug in which the menu items are not usable
with the info browser yet:

Bug #26984 libc6-doc: info files problem.

Package: libc6-doc
Version: 2.0.7u-1
Severity: grave

"info libc" "m" (for menu) complains "No menu in this node.", making the
documentation unusable from "info".

Was reduced to normal by Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> reason: This
bug does not fall under the category of "grave".

Merged with 29289

Bug #29289 libc6-doc: info libc is screwed

From: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>:

This is not likely to be fixed upstream as all that effort is going into
2.1 with little going back into 2.0.7 repairs, specialy documentation.

If you can provide a patch, I will gladly incorporate it into the next

Now my question is what's up with libc6-doc:

Why did bug 26984 get reduced to normal.  The package is virtually
unusable which means it should be either important or grave and
defiantly not normal.

Re bug 29289.  Why won't it get fixed.  As before the package is
virtually unusable.

I realize that libc6 is usable via xemacs, www2info, and probably emacs
however It is unusable via the info browser which many I am sure many
people still use (including me) as it is the only broswer I know of that
will search the entire document and not just the current page.

I would file my own bug report however I fear it would just get reduced
to normal again.


PS: Sorry for the previous message.  Netscape some how sent to message
with out me attending it to.
Kevin Atkinson

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