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Re: Proposal: New mailing list debian-laptops

Matthias Klose proposes a debian-laptop list.

I have installed Debian on a large number of laptops and I am strongly in
favour of this, in particular if the charter could be slightly more
general, namely

    Discussions of how to improve Debian to install and work in a mobile
    computing setting.  Issues relevant for this list are how to manage a
    portable on several networks (with different IP addresses and names) and
    with several network technologies (PPP/ether/PLIP); generally how to
    integrate the setup of diald, APM, IR, PCMCIA, and multi-mode X,
    fitting Debian on a small disk, and hopefully later proper setup of
    Mobile/IP, CODA, etc.; the setup of a *server* for a mobile computing
    base is also relevant.

I phrased this as a developer list because its goal should be to make
Debian on notebooks work just as well as on desktops: today this requires a
lot of tweaking.  We should call it "mobile" to avoid remarks such as
Manoj's that Debian installs well on laptops: it does, but then it acts
like a desktop.

I think it is important to have such a list (I've missed it) because there
are several Debian policy issues that could do with adjustment to
accomodate the mobile setting...and the number of portables out there is
not diminishing.  The most urgent is the treatment of the network interface
that should be more dynamic (like for the PCMCIA network cards but
globally, controlled by Debian, such that also PPP and PLIP got

A HOWTO is not what is needed because there are too many issues here, IMO.
But sections of other HOWTOs entitled `For the Mobile user' is a good idea, 
and such could continuously added to all docs from such a list...including
the Debian install docs.

Joey relpied:

> I don't feel good by creating new lists for every little sub project.

If debian gets to run well for the "road warrior" this will not be a little
subproject for long ...

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