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Re: extreme ghosts

Previously Raul Miller wrote:
> It seems to me that you could start by developing the fundamental
> mechanisms based on distributing an exact image of a hard drive --
> every client machine would get an identical image.  IP addresses,
> are managed through dhpcd...

You need to resend things of a client misses things, so you have to
synchronize between machines. What you actually send it totally un-
related, although a tarball or single files seem appriopriate, with
the last being easier to maintain on the server. Exact images of
harddisks are not possible, since you can never assume that all HD's
have the same configuration. I've had this fail with way too many
times now to trust that.

> Yeah, we do have to solve the config management issue, but there's
> no reason to make everybody wait on that.

Indeed. For non-multicast this has already been implemented by a number
of people (it's not that hard), using NFS or CD (or both).


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