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fltk before freeze

So libfltk is built against libstdc++2.8 so I'll have to rebuild it before the
freeze. That's no problem, but i may as well switch to a more recent snapshot,
they're in the last stages of a freeze before the fltk 1.0 release and most if
not all of the changes are bug fixes, so I would think it would be ok, even a
good idea to update.

However, there have been a few modifications to some structures necessitating
an soname bump. So if I switch to a new snapshot it'll build a package named
libfltk1, not libfltk0. Soooo, I'll have to ask the archive maintainer to
remove libftlk0.

Anyways, no packages are actually using fltk yet (argh, we still have forms
programs in non-free, the whole point of packaging fltk was to enable us to
move them to main!) and the new snapshot should be more bug-free than the old,
so I'm inclined to go ahead with this, I just thought I would mention it here
first in case someone objects to this kind of change during a freeze.


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